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Bart Horsten giving a live WEBINAR organised by ETOA


On 23 November 2017 ETOA, the European Tourist Association, organised a live webinar focusing on the EU-Chinese tourism market; providing market insights, case studies and best practice. This webinar provided background and practical information for candidates looking to join the Partnerships in European Tourism events in 2018, the EU-China Tourism Year. On the following link the recording of the webinar can be accessed: WATCH THE MOVIE HERE

Bart Horsten's contribution can be seen from minute 37:20 up to 47:37, giving an in-depth look at an example of a Social Media (WeChat – Weibo) campaign that successfully engaged with Chinese visitors and led to increased visits by Chinese tourists. Many European players in the tourist industry lack sufficient knowhow and resources to plan, organize and execute effective marketing campaigns in the Chinese target market. Horsten and MyChinaWeb have helped several Belgian players in the tourist industry to attract more Chinese tourists through offline and online assistance, including representation in China, communication and negotiation with Chinese tour operators, set-up and management of social media presence and online marketing.

On the 2nd and 3rd of November 2017 Horsten participated to the World Bridge Tourism (WBT) Conference in London. The WBT is a project supported by the European Union, in order to increase the flows of visitors from China to the EU. The WBT programme combined a conference and a B2B workshop between tourism-related EU companies and Chinese operators
This webinar was the first in many events aimed at increasing the understanding of the needs of Chinese visitors within the European tourism community. All of this at the occastion of the 2018 EU–China Tourism Year. During 2018 an unprecedented level of attention will be paid to the growing importance of China as an origin market, and the changing preferences and behaviour patterns of Chinese visitors.

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