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Closing Ceremony of the EU-China Tourism Year in Xi'an

On Saturday 17 November 2018 the closing ceremony of the EU-China Tourism Year was held in Xi'an. Both European and Chinese cultures were highlighted during this magical ceremony. Xi'an is a key city in China's history and also in China's future. The city of Xi'an has witnessed the last few years some major developments to attract foreign investments and is also host to various financial, consulting and computer services. It is the ancient capital of China and an important tourist destination for foreign and Chinese tourists.

Horsten International is very active in the tourism industry and from our office in Xi'an (since 2001) we are offering a multitude of services to Western SMEs. Jeffrey Wouters, Project Manager of Horsten in China, attended the happenings at the occasion of this closing event and he is in charge of the tourism projects on behalf of Horsten.

  • Since February 2015 Horsten is helping Corsendonk Hotels to proactively search for new opportunities in China, communicate with Chinese tour operators and assists the customer in getting ready for the increased inflow of Chinese tourist groups and individual travellers., who he has been representing in China for the last three years. More information can be found HERE
  • Since 2017 Horsten is helping HEY!Belgium, an Incoming Destination Management Company from Belgium based on 25 years of know-how in the food & beverages, event and tourism industry. HEY! Belgium is mainly targeting the Asia market, including China, and Horsten is providing business development and marketing services to HEY!Belgium. More information can be found HERE

For more information about Horsten's background and the historical link to the city of Xi'an, please check the two following links, and


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