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Speech at the Business Club Asia of Voka Antwerpen-Waasland
18.3.2015 - Bart Horsten

On 17 March 2015 Bart Horsten gave a lecture in Antwerp at the occasion of the 4th session of the Business Club Asia, a programme organised by the Voka Chamber of Commerce of Antwerpen-Waasland. The group consists of about 15 company executives and Bart is one of the 4 mentors of the program, sharing his China experience with the group members.

The title of the presentation was "China - once started, how to develop business?". During this session Bart talked about the best strategy for China and possible entry modes to the Chinese market (direct or indirect export, franchising, e-commerce, joint venture, wholly foreign owned enterprise, Hong Kong Limited), illustrated by some real case studies. In a second part Bart gave an insight in the recent developments and opportunities in e-commerce and social media in China, and more in particular how we can benefit from these developments as western companies.

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