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Chinese tourism to Belgium is soaring with additional flights to Liege
14.5.2015 - Jeffrey Wouters

Thanks to a deal between I-Fly and the Chinese Tour operator U-Tour, over a thousand Chinese tourists are to fly to Liège on a weekly basis coming from Shenyang, Xi’an and Tianjin. On April 20th the first airplane carrying Chinese tourists arrived at Liège airport.  These companies were attracted by Belgium’s central location in Europe and driven by the ever expanding Chinese tourism market. Tourists will not only be able to discover European hotspots departing from Liège, but will also be able to visit many Belgian cities.

As a consequence, the Belgian Embassy has considerably expanded its capacity to deliver visas, in order to cope with the influx of new visitors and to guarantee the best possible service to its customers.

Source: Embassy of Belgium in Beijing


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