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10th Anniversary of WeChat

In January 2021 Tencent’s app WeChat celebrated its 10th anniversary, a decade of influencing China’s online world. WeChat, the Rolls Royce of all China-based apps, started as a copycat version of WhatsApp and is now the number one messaging app in China. Even though WeChat is still a messaging app at its core, it has grown to be much more and indispensable for your daily and professional life in China. The possibilities of WeChat seem to be endless and more functions are added on a regular basis. It has been dominating the social media landscape for years and keeps on innovating new ways to keep users engaged.

Many factors have contributed to its success, including China’s Great Firewall, which blocks foreign social media such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Google and Facebook. WeChat was also in the right place at the right time and nowadays, because of the global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), many European SMEs have realized even more the harsh reality they face. There are still travel restrictions in Europe and companies cannot have a physical presence in China, so it is now the perfect opportunity to connect with your Chinese audience directly via WeChat. 

Taking into account the isolated internet and social media landscape in China, WeChat has been identified as the ideal platform to share information and content to the Chinese customers, both B2C as well as B2B. It is the channel where Chinese people spent by far the most of their online time, also for business. Consumers in China expect to find your company’s name and brand on WeChat. So, if you want to be taken seriously when selling in China, you need to have a WeChat official account. It has to be an essential part in every organization’s marketing strategy. 

MyChinaWeb, the brainchild of Horsten International, is a China online marketing agency helping European companies and organizations to increase their online visibility in China through online marketing, e-commerce, brand localization, etc. MyChinaWeb can register your WeChat official account, set-up the account, develop the WeChat back-end system, guide European SMEs to work out a content strategy and additionally produce, publish, manage and administer all forms of Chinese content on the account. 

A customized menu will turn the WeChat account into an interactive website-like place. It will improve the user experience of the account and allows the European SME to create a menu page where followers can retrieve the most important information and news about the company and their brand(s). If the customer prefers to manage its Chinese WeChat platform by themselves, MyChinaWeb can also train the customer’s (Chinese speaking) staff to work with these channels independently.

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