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How to Manage Your China Business in Corona Times?

The outbreak and spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Belgium and other European countries is becoming increasingly serious. Meanwhile, China is slowly coming to grips with the epidemic situation. However, in the following 4 to 6 months it can be expected that business travelers to China will only be allowed to enter China when they first go into mandatory quarantine.

Consequently, many European companies are struggling how to manage their China business from a distance. For those who haven’t started in China yet, should they better completely forget about the China market in the first place? I don’t think so… 

We have a good solution for this problem.

In the past 2 decades many of our customers and projects have managed to be successful in China without a legal entity or a full-time team in China during the first years of their China project. Horsten has developed a unique business model through which we help European SMEs to start or manage their China business. A Horsten project manager, based in China, acts as the European SME’s part-time representative, liaison and ‘watchdog’in some cases even carrying a name card of this SME. The Horsten representative manages the project from the China side, in direct contact with the European customer and supported by the rest of the Horsten team in Belgium and China as a back-office (for strategic advice, logistics, administration, regulatory affairs, marketing support, etc).

The advantages of this business model are numerous:

  • Tailor made services to our partners/customers
  • A cooperation in ‘long term partnerships’
  • A hands-on pragmatic approach, with a focus on servicing SMEs
  • Local presence of a professional and multilingual team in Belgium and China
  • Track record of 20+ years in a diverse range of successful projects executed in different industries and areas in China
  • Acting as a consultant, but also as a project partner and/or investor

To conclude, based on our extensive expertise in setting up and managing companies in China and our wide network, we offer our customers broad scale assistance and considerable added value to enter the Chinese market in a step-by-step approach, offering solutions for an optimal sustainable presence and a solid return on investment in China.

Horsten International is doing business with China since 1996 and has been operating an office in China since 2001. Our company has taken all necessary precautions to protect our employees and customers: 

  • All our Chinese colleagues have been working from their home office for about 6 weeks. 
  • Starting from 10 March they are fully operational from our China office again. 
  • Our 2 Belgian colleagues have returned to China on 10 March and are now in the middle of their 2-weeks quarantine period at home or in a designated hotel. 
  • And finally, the three Horsten brothers in Belgium are working from their home office and are in contact with their colleagues in China and our customers on a daily basis.

In short: we are ready and available to have an online meeting with you to discuss the opportunities to help you with your China project. 

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