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17/09/2018  l  China: Still The Factory of The World?
In the past few years, people can’t seem to stop talking about the development of the Chinese market, China’s growing middle class and their eagerness to buy foreign products. Just five to ten years ago this was completely different. At that time you couldn’t read any article about China without reading the words: ‘China, the factory of the world’. Does this mean that companies aren’t sourcing products from China any longer?...

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01/06/2018  l  How to open a WeChat shop
In recent years cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) is one of the most preferred entry modes for European SMEs when starting in China. CBEC has a lot of advantages: you don’t need an authorized importer in China, you have full control over your branding and pricing strategy, you are able to manage the whole supply chain without intermediaries up to the end consumer, thus making it easier to get the confidence from Chinese consumers. Furthermore, you can collect a lot of data about your cus...

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27/03/2018  l  Lucky Luke & China: faster than their shadows - Bart Horsten
When reading this title, you may have thought that we had started a publishing house, rest assured, we haven’t (at least not yet...). Not long ago, when I was sorting through my old comic book collection, I stumbled upon Lucky Luke – the famous free-spirited gunslinger created by Belgian cartoonist Morris. It may seem a bit far-fetched to some of you, but ‘the man who shoots faster than his shadow’ instantly reminded me of China: a country that is truly developing faster ...

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17/02/2018  l  Are the Chinese Creative?
As with many things in China, the answer to the question “are the Chinese creative?” will be answered in different ways, depending on who you ask.  When talking to western companies dealing with China, one can often hear complaints about the copying behaviour of Chinese companies and the lack of respect for intellectual properties. Additionally, many western business people criticise the lack of openness or initiative of their Chinese colleagues or subordinates. When presiding ...

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