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17/01/2022  l  Update about Travel Restrictions to China for Belgian citizens
A new year has started, but unfortunately, about two years after the first Covid-19 outbreak, we are not yet able to report to you the good news that you will be able to travel to China again soon, at least not without strict quarantine measures (2 to 3 weeks in a hotel upon arrival in China), regular testing and other stringent measures and administrative hassles. The virus continues to mutate and cause disorder, with the Omikron variant now dominating in Europe and the Chinese government keep...

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10/01/2022  l  Janssen Pharmaceutica as savior of the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an
When Belgium approaches medicine and pharmaceuticals, it looks beyond just the health of humans, but also that of agriculture, and even culture and history. Many are familiar with famous Belgian medicine brands like UCB, Solvay, and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, part of Johnson & Johnson, but not as many are aware of Janssen’s contributions to saving Chinese cultural heritage. This lasting company’s commitment to protecting historic sites can be traced to its founder: Dr.&...

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01/01/2022  l  New Regulations for Overseas Food Exporters to China
Starting from 1 January 2022 new regulations have come into effect for overseas food exporters to China. Food companies and brands have to register their company at the General Administration of China Customs (GACC) and may also have to adjust their packaging.   The new regulation was issued to implement provisions of the Food Safety Law on the registration of overseas food production enterprises importing food into China. It extends the registration scope of food production enterpris...

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