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31/08/2020  l  Update about Travel Restrictions to China for Belgian citizens
On 13 August the Chinese authorities informed Belgium that Belgian nationals holding a valid Chinese residence permit (for work, personal reasons or family reunification) can again apply for a Chinese visa free of charge. Apart from Belgium, Chinese borders have now also been re-opened for citizens from 36 other European countries. This is very good news, especially for those Belgians and their families who were stuck in Belgium in the past half year, not able to travel back to th...

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04/08/2020  l  The Chinese Festival Calendar
The two most important public holidays in China are National Day, celebrated at the 1st of October, and Chinese New Year (also called Spring Festival), celebrated at the end of January or the beginning of February. China’s National Day celebrates the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. It kicks off a one-week nationwide holiday called Golden Week, during which hundreds of millions of Chinese people travel and shop. Most traditional holid...

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10/05/2020  l  How to Deal with the Demand for Exclusivity from my Chinese Distributor?
Exclusivity in the past In the past it was simple: no exclusivity is to be granted to any distributor, at least not from the beginning. In those days it was perfectly possible to divide a large country such as China into different geographical regions (for example North, East, South and West). Additionally, a separate partner per distribution channel or per market segment could be identified: for example, if you are active in the food business, you could find another partner for the retail...

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20/03/2020  l  How to Manage Your China Business in Corona Times?
The outbreak and spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Belgium and other European countries is becoming increasingly serious. Meanwhile, China is slowly coming to grips with the epidemic situation. However, in the following 4 to 6 months it can be expected that business travelers to China will only be allowed to enter China when they first go into mandatory quarantine. Consequently, many European companies are struggling how to manage their China business from a distance. For those who hav...

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02/03/2020  l  The joy and challenge of learning Chinese - Tom Horsten
I joined Horsten International in 2016, responsible for sourcing projects, business development, communication and marketing. Therefore, it seems quite logical and obvious that I started learning the Chinese language four years ago. Yet, it is not absolutely necessary to speak, read and write Chinese, as I barely use it in the day-to-day conversations with my Chinese colleagues and I never use it for business discussions. Actually, I like very much to speak and learn different languages. Beside...

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12/02/2020  l  Impact van het Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in China - Getuigenis Bart Horsten
De impact op onze activiteiten Als gevolg van onze diverse activiteiten met en in China treft de crisis rond het uitbreken van het corona-virus ons op verschillende fronten, alhoewel de economische schade op dit moment nog meevalt. Wij zijn namelijk actief op het vlak van sourcing (begeleiding van bedrijven bij het importeren van halfafgewerkte of afgewerkte producten uit China) en als adviseur aan hoofdzakelijk Belgische bedrijven die hun producten of diensten willen verkopen in China. Daarnaa...

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