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30/03/2015  l  Observations after 17 years of doing business in China and 75 business trips - Bart Horsten
I consider myself a privileged witness of China’s impressive development since I joined my father’s company in the summer of 1998. Over the past 17 years of doing business in China and getting ready to leave on my 75th business trip to China mid April, I have been involved in numerous investment and trading projects between Western and Chinese companies and I have seen the fast changing trends which have significantly changed the way of doing business in China. When I think about my...

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02/02/2015  l  My first experience with China - Bart Horsten
Although my personal connection to China only started in 1998, China has been part of my life already since the mid eighties, the period during which my father was travelling to China when he was working on the China project for Janssen Pharma. Please check out here a testimonial of how I learned about dealing with Chinese. I must have been a boy of only 12 or 13 years old when I met with a Chinese delegation for the first time in the early eighties. They were visiting Janssen Pharmaceutica. My...

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01/02/2015  l  Lian Minjun testimonial - Lian Minjun
Doing business in China requires good relationships. One of the most important people for our company in China today, and for Janssen in the past, was Mrs.Lian Minjun. Please check out her personal story of sacrificing the biggest part of her career to my father. I have been a privileged witness to the cooperation between the two provinces for almost 30 years. Working at Hanjiang Pharmaceuticals since 1972, I was a witness of the visit of the first Belgians to Hanzhong in 1980. I was quite impr...

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05/01/2015  l  Dr.Paul Janssen, Pioneer in Pharma and in China - Bart Horsten
As most of you probably know, our company's expertise and network in China is based on the experiences of our father Joos Horsten during his 25 year career with Janssen Pharmaceutical. Did you know that in 2009 a book was published which tells the intriguing story of the Chinese joint venture of Janssen Pharma, inspired by my father and written by Geerdt Magiels? Together they wrote the intriguing story of Dr. Paul Janssen and his colleagues, who established Janssen Pharmaceutica in 1953,...

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