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Project Introduction

Trading company, involved in the import of LED lights and other high-tech products from China and the distribution in Belgium.

The import of LED lights from China has only started a few years ago, but already today more and more consumers are aware of the advantages of LED lights. After several discussions between Dilito and Horsten in 2011, both parties decided to set up a joint venture, which was established in November 2011. The “new” Dilito has started operation since January 2012 and in the meantime has gained extensive experience in successfully managing challenging industrial and residential re-lighting projects, both in terms of luminosity, but also generating huge savings to the customer's electricity costs.


Involvement of Horsten International

Horsten International assisted Dilito to develop their strategy and define the optimal business model. Horsten was also instrumental in the search for additional investors and the implementation of the deal (incl. advise on the legal structure and fiscal optimization, incorporation of the Hong Kong affiliate, etc).

During the daily operations Horsten is responsible for finance and accounting, logistics, as well as the communication and negotiation with and search for additional suppliers, general project management, etc.