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Project Introduction

Erie Water Treatment is a branch of Aquion Inc, a US manufacturer of premium water treatment equipment and water quality solutions for various applications. Erie was founded in 1943 and has manufacturing and sales operations in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Due to the great focus of the Chinese government on environmental issues, there are big opportunities in the water treatment business in China. After a market investigation several potential distributors had been identified, after which detailed negotiations were initiated with three Chinese companies starting from 2014.

Today, with the help of the Horsten team in China as well as in Belgium, Erie's products have become well known in the Chinese market. Erie has already signed distribution agreements with several distributors in China, and it is expected that its business will grow significantly in China in the following years.


Involvement of Horsten International

The cooperation between the customer and Horsten started in the beginning of 2014. Horsten assisted the customer during the negotiation of the contracts with its Chinese distributors. Horsten also assisted the customer with the rebranding and registration of its trade mark in China, registration of the products at the Ministry of Health (MOH), preparation of the marketing materials, including a Chinese brochure and website, logistic support, etc. 

In this respect the Horsten team of consultants in Belgium and in China offers a broad scale of services to the customer, and acts as a liaison and watchdog for the customer. Due to this unique business model, Horsten offers the customer considerable added value to enter the Chinese market in a step-by-step approach, offering solutions for an optimal sustainable presence and a solid return on investment in China.

The customer has recently extended its activities in China through the establishment of a legal entity, assisted by Horsten. Horsten also helped the customer to recruit a sales and marketing manager. Please check here for more information.