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Project Introduction

The customer is a globally active and integrated manufacturer of chemicals, nylon polymers and engineering plastics, headquartered in Germany, with production facilities in Germany and Belgium and worldwide sales.

Horsten performed a technical, commercial and financial due diligence of a manufacturing company in China, a division of a state-owned company and a potential acquisition target of the customer. After the successful due diligence, the customer decided not to pursue the opportunity.    


Involvement of Horsten International

During a 4-day assessment 4 representatives of Horsten visited the facilities of the Chinese target company. The main purpose of the visit was to perform a general economic assessment of the financial and commercial reliability of the company in view of a possible acquisition of the PA6 tyrecord fabric branch of this company by the customer.

Apart from performing this technical, commercial and financial due diligence, Horsten also advised the consultant and assisted in the negotiations of the possible acquisition deal.