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Project Introduction

The customer is a Belgian based, family-owned company, active in the distribution of fire protection technology and products. Since 2012 the company had set up a HK company and an affiliate company in Qingdao, China, and is importing components and finished products from several suppliers in China.

Recently several issues came up and an assessment of the situation was required urgently. After an assessment was done by Horsten, some recommendations for corrective actions were given. In the meantime the customer has taken some measures to rectify the problems and today most issues have been solved. 


Involvement of Horsten International

During a 2-day audit in February 2014 by 3 of Horsten’s managers and two representatives of the customer’s Belgian headquarters, Horsten identified certain key issues in legal, operational, financial and HR matters and made some recommendations for corrective actions. Afterwards Horsten assisted the customer to implement these corrective actions and be prepared for its future development.