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Project Introduction

The customer is a Dutch pharmaceutical company specialized in the clinical development of patent protectable new drugs and treatment concepts in the area of women’s and men’s health including hormonal contraception, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), infertility, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and cancer of reproductive organs such as the breast, the ovary and the prostate. Its customers are multinational pharmaceutical companies that are active in contraception, female health, oncology, CNS (central nervous system) and autoimmune diseases. 

The customer was looking for strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and research institutes in China to further develop and commercialize in China.


Involvement of Horsten International

Horsten assisted the customer to identify and screen possible partners in China. A prospection visit was made, participated by 2 representatives from Horsten and one from the customer. The visit had provided the customer with an excellent inside view on the Chinese market for contraception, HRT and other gender related indications and the prospects to accomplish its business model. On the other hand it has clearly revealed the big challenges still ahead, not only for the business model itself, but also for the market potential of the client’s products.

Horsten helped the customer to make the right strategic decisions and assisted in the further communication with the identified partners after the visit.