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Project Introduction

The client is a leading Belgian supplier of specific network products & solutions in China, in particular in the metro industry. The company has already substantial business in China, mainly for metro applications in many Chinese 1st tier cities. There are also huge opportunities in other industries in China, such as oil & gas, mining, power, railway, water, etc.

A representative office was already available, and in view of its further ambitious expansion plans in China, Horsten was asked to prepare a SWOT analysis and propose a master plan with strategic recommendations regarding its future plans for China.    


Involvement of Horsten International

Horsten analyzed the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of the client’s current situation in China and during several brainstorming sessions, recommendations were formulated to restructure and reformulate its activities and operational flows in China, in view of a better control over its operations, an increase of the profitability of the China business and to build a solid base for a long term sustainable presence in China.

Based on the master plan prepared by Horsten the customer decided set up a wholly foreign owned enterprise in Shanghai and recruited some additional staff in China.