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Project Introduction

Doing business in China is very different from doing business elsewhere. Therefore it is important for western companies to be well prepared for its China venture and learn from experiences of other companies or China experts. This can be done through the participation in workshops or seminars about different topics about doing business in China.    

Involvement of Horsten International

Since 2008 Horsten is organizing China seminars and workshops on a regular basis and Bart Horsten also acts as a guest speaker in China seminars organied by organisations such as chambers of commerce (Voka, Unizo, BCECC, FCCC, Bencham, EU SME Centre, Fevia, Fenavian, Safeshops, etc), government organisations (Flanders Investment & Trade,, Awex), colleges and universities (Antwerp Management School, Thomas Moore, Vesalius College), banks (Bank Degroof, KBC bank, Bank van Breda), etc. 

Topics concerned are strategic considerations of doing business in China, China entry modes, cultural differences, sourcing from China, selling in China, e-commerce and social media in China, marketing in China, legal issues, etc. But often also practical case studies and testimonials are presented, because Horsten has a lot of hands-on experience with the implementation and execution of projects in China, as a consultant, as a trader, and sometimes also as a co-initiator and/or as a shareholder.

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