Parklaan 46 B-2300 Turnhout, Belgium   +32 14 720275


Project Introduction

Brouwland is a Belgian family-owned company, set up in 1972 and Europa's most specialised supplier of raw materials, equipment and concepts for wine makers, beer brewers, liqueur distillors and cheese factories. In recent years the company has grown with an average of 20% per year, with more than 70% to export markets. With 3000 different products and a warehouse of 2700m2, the company has become a market leader in its industry.


Involvement of Horsten International

In 2015 the customer purchased products from a new Chinese manufacturer. After the container arrived in Belgium, several major problems were found. Horsten International succesfully assisted the customer in the search for a solution and the negotiations with the Chinese supplier.

Today Horsten is still helping the customer with its sourcing from China, including a supplier search, communication and negotiation, quality inspections, logistics, etc.