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Project Introduction

Luxilon Industries is a family-owned Belgian company, founded in 1959. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Antwerp, Luxilon produces high-tech filaments for use in many different products and industries: underwear, tapestries, paper felts, medical textiles (sutures, surgical mesh, bandages, braided implants), rods for the cable and telecom industry, aeronautics, automotive, and so on. The main application is high-tech strings for racket sports (tennis, badminton). For the tennis strings Luxilon has an exclusive business relationship with Wilson, the US company selling tennis rackets.

In recent years Luxilon has seen a sharp increase in export business. China is a key market for their products, in sports through their cooperation with Wilson, but also in medical and industrial applications. Luxilon contacted Horsten International to perform a market research, give strategic advise and assist in the communication and negotiations with its existing and potential customers in China.


Involvement of Horsten International

With the help of Horsten's team in China, a detailed market research was done. Starting with a desk research and by visiting a medical exhibition and talking to people in the industry, detailed information was collected about Luxilon's international and Chinese competitors and potential Chinese customers in different industries.

Additionally different business models were analysed and some recommendations were formulated with regard to Luxilon's strategy for China.

Horsten is now assisting Luxilon with the implementation of the selected strategy and the operations. One of Horsten's project managers in China is representing Luxilon in China and is keeping in touch with Luxilon's existing and potential customers and distributors, visiting exhibitions, assisting in translation and communication, etc.

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