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Project Introduction

MyChinaWeb is the new brainchild of Horsten International. With the MyChinaWeb initiative, we want to offer our clients a cost-effective means to develop their China business online. We are confident that by increasing the online visibility of our clients' brands or products, we can help pave the road for integration into the offline local market.

China is one of the most competitive digital markets on the planet. With our China expertise and local presence, we can help Western SME's plot the course of its enterprise and help them navigate safely through the rough digital waters that is China's online market.



Involvement of Horsten International

Horsten's team in China and Belgium can help its customers to increase their online visibility, from setting up and managing social media accounts to effective SEO/SEM implementation. We perform local market research, prepare marketing plans, set up online shops and social media accounts, set up and design a web store, assist in the admission process, offer logistical support, etc.