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Project Introduction

Cobelplast is a Belgium based extrusion company, founded in 1957 and since 2014 owned by BavariaIndustries Group AG, a German holding company. Cobelplast is a world leader in co-extruded multi-layer polystyrene and polypropylene based barrier sheets, mainly used in Form-Fill-Seal applications for the food packaging industry, such as baby food, dairy food and cheese, desserts and spreads, coffee and tea, drinks, sauces, ready meals, pet food, etc. 

Cobelplast already had some multinational customers in China, but wanted to develop the market more proactively. Due to the increasing food market in China and the growing concerns of food safety in China, the Chinese market is growing with double digit numbers.


Involvement of Horsten International

Since the beginning of 2018 Cobelplast has been working together with Horsten to develop its strategy for China and assist in business development.

Horsten is assisting Cobelplast with the implementation of the selected strategy and the operations. One of Horsten's project managers in China is representing Cobelplast in China and is keeping in touch with Cobelplast's existing and potential customers and distributors, visiting exhibitions, assisting in translation and communication, etc.