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Project Introduction

Chocolaterie Ickx is a family-owned company producing innovative, hand-decorated chocolates and pralines. Its products are specially developed for the various seasons (Autumn, Spring), the holidays (Christmas) and other festive events (Valentine, Easter), but also with an eye-catching assortment of first quality every-day chocolates. The cholocates and pralines are sold in bakeries, pastry shops, specialty stores, department stores and retail chains around the world.

Chocolaterie Ickx is part of The Chocolate Family, a holding company with 4 complimentary chocolate companies, founded on entrepreneurship, innovation and a passion for chocolate. 


Involvement of Horsten International

Some of Ickx’ products are already sold in China since 2017 and in November 2018 Ickx planned to participate in the FHC exhibition in Shanghai with the objective to develop its business in China, both through online sales as well as through retail and food service channels.

Horsten assisted Ickx with the preparation of the exhibition, including the drafting of a Chinese brochure, set-up of a WeChat official account and communication with potential partners and customers. During the FHC exhibition Horsten assisted the customer with translation and general guidance, including some follow-up after the exhibition.