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Project Introduction

Spaas is the 2nd biggest European manufacturer of candles. After an initial market investigation by Horsten in the beginning of 2005, Horsten signed an agreement with Spaas. The agreement consisted of two parts: (1) the exclusive contract manufacturing of handmade candles by Horsten for export to Spaas and (2) the sourcing of glassware, candle holders and accessories by Horsten. 

In the period from 2005 to 2010 Horsten exported over 1800 tonnes of candles to Belgium and employed an average of 40 workers in its Xi'an workshop, fully managed by Horsten’s Chinese management team. In 2011 the workshop was closed due to an anti-dumping policy issued by the EU against candles made in China, resulting in a sharp decrease of the export of candles.

The export of glassware and other home decoration products realised strong growth from 2006 onwards.


Involvement of Horsten International

Today, Horsten is still the sourcing agent for Spaas for glassware, home decoration products, candles, candle holders and accessories and packaging materials, exporting over 100 containers yearly to Spaas’ factories in Belgium and Poland. Two project managers of Horsten Xi'an are responsible for sourcing, quality control, supply chain management, etc. and the Horsten team in Belgium is constantly standby to support the customer in all its China imports.

In May 2020 the cooperation with Spaas celebrated its 15th anniversary.