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Project Introduction

Fevia, the Belgian food and beverage association, represents 26 specialized sectors and 700 companies that produce high-quality and innovative food and beverages in Belgium. Their goal is to emphasize the quality, diversity and innovation of the Belgian food industry worldwide.

Fevia is committed to ensure a sustainable growth of the Belgian food industry, in close consultation with all their stakeholders: the Belgian government, academic people, civil society organizations, suppliers, customers and consumers.


Involvement of Horsten International

Horsten, in collaboration with Fevia and the company Green Seed (a food marketing agency), has organised a training program for Fevia in 2018 and 2019, including 3 workshops, a China study tour and a debriefing workshop.

The program consisted of all kinds of tailor-made and interactive training sessions for all Fevia member companies with experience in export, including an exchange of experiences between different food and beverages companies. During the trade mission to Shanghai and Hangzhou some extra workshops, B2B meetings, store checks and a visit to the headquarter of an E-commerce player were organized.