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Project Introduction

Haage is a company from Estonia selling mineral waters. In Haage, a small village in Estonia, this company helps the quality that nature provides, get bottled in its perfection, exactly in the way nature created it. The water, enriched by minerals and filtered by the layers of earth's crust, gathering its powers for thousand of years, has finally made it to the end of its long journey.

Haage natural mineral water is like a fine composition in which the secrets of Scandinavian glaciers sound in common harmony with the ancient hums and knowledge of picturesque Southern-Estonian earth's ground.



Involvement of Horsten International

In May 2019 Haage planned to participate as an exhibitor to the SIAL exhibition in Shanghai. The purpose of the exhibition was to find importers, distributors, partners and/or customers in China. In the same year, in November 2019, Haage also attended the CIIE exhibition in Shanghai.

Horsten assisted Haage with the preparation of the exhibitions and with the translation and guidance during these exhibitions. Our involvement also comprised of the following services: assistance with the communication after the exhibitions, negotiations with and selection of Chinese partners, set-up of Haage's WeChat official Account, preparing all necessary documents to start the trademark application in China and assisting Haage with the search for and registration of the Chinese name and trademark.