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Project Introduction

Wholly foreign owned enterprise, set up in 2007 in Shanghai, manufacturing exotic plants for the Chinese market and for exports. Since the early years 2000 Exotic Plant started selling products to China. In 2005 the company already realized a substantial share of its turnover in China, through the export of its products to China. To optimize the growing China potential, streamline the logistics and reduce manufacturing costs, it was decided to set up a production base in Shanghai, called Exotic Plant Co Ltd.

The WFOE started operation in 2008 with a production area of about 15.000 square metres of greenhouses and 3.000 square metres of laboratories. The company has been quite successful since its inauguration. Since 2011 the company produces more than 25 million plants yearly, with a staff of more than 200 people.

Since 2017 Exotic Plants became part of the SIAT Group, together with Deroose Plants.


Involvement of Horsten International

Horsten International assisted the customer in the strategic decision making process concerning its entry into China. Following the company’s decision to set up its own affiliate in China, Horsten International helped the customer to define the optimal entry mode, developed the business plan, and assisted with the incorporation procedures of the Shanghai affiliate.

Meanwhile, Horsten International also assisted the customer in the search for venture capital to finance the long-term plans of the enterprise, both in Belgium and in China.