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Project Introduction

V-Shapes S.r.l. is an Italian company specialized in innovative solutions for the packaging world. Through the cooperation with worldwide leading packaging companies, V-Shapes has developed a breakthrough technology: a unit-dose one hand opening system for liquid products, called V-Shapes®. This new technology is able to handle liquid and granular products, which brings the capacity of the V-Shapes® packaging machines to handle any imaginable product in unit dose packaging.

The products can be applied in multiple industries, including food, cosmetics, medical, pharmaceutical and chemical. V-Shapes' products are sold globally and also in China there is a growing demand for such technologies.


Involvement of Horsten International

Since the end of 2019 V-Shapes has been working together with Horsten to assist in business development. One of Horsten's Chinese project managers is representing V-Shapes in China and is keeping in touch with its existing and potential customers and distributors, visiting exhibitions, assisting in translation and communication, etc.