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Project Introduction

Wholly foreign owned enterprise, set up in Tianjin in 2009, and active in cargo supervision and logistics. T.C.I. (Transportation Consultancies International sprl) is a fully independent, privately owned Belgian cargo supervision and logistics consultation company, with decades of activity and experience in bulk and bagged product handling and transportation.

TCI has worldwide operations and affiliates in many countries.

Many of TCI’s customers are buying products from China, and to better respond to the increasing importance of China, TCI decided to set up its own legal presence in China. The WFOE had received its business license in the first half of 2009 and had also applied for AQSIQ certification with the help of Horsten International.

Today TCI China has offices in Tianjin, Yantai, Shanghai, Nanjing and Beihai    


Involvement of Horsten International

Horsten International assisted TCI in the strategic decision making process concerning its entry into China. Following the company’s decision to set up its own affiliate in China, Horsten International helped TCI to define the optimal entry mode and assisted TCI with incorporation procedures of their Tianjin affiliate, their Hong Kong affiliate and the AQSIQ certification.

Furthermore Horsten has been responsible for the accounting and financial management of the company in the first 18 months of operation.