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Regulatory Affairs

When doing business in China, it is very important to secure your intellectual properties and know-how. Horsten assists its customers in registering trademarks and products in China and protecting its technologies.

Building on its expertise and extensive network in the international and Chinese pharmaceutical industry, Horsten also provides specialized services to international pharmaceutical companies for their business in and with China.

The pharmaceutical expertise consists of the following services:

  1. Assistance in cGMP compliance issues, such as equipment validation, process validation, equipment cleaning procedure validation, analytical method validation, pre-inspections, corrective action plans, follow-up.
  2. Training of Chinese staff about European standards and systems
  3. Identification of potential partners
  4. Assistance in the negotiations with partners
  5. Technical, commercial and financial audits
  6. Translation and communication services
  7. Market research
  8. General project management

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