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Partner Selection

If you want to do business in China, in many cases you need a strong and reliable local partner. This could be a supplier, a distributor, a joint venture partner or any other local company or organization. The search for a reliable Chinese partner is often extremely difficult for Western companies, and sufficient effort is to be given to searching, screening and selecting the right partner for your project.

Starting from a long list of potential partners, identified by Horsten, the customer and/or other sources, Horsten will perform a preliminary screening of the potential Chinese partners via desk research. Then a short list will be presented to the customer, after which will be decided to perform a more in-depth assessment of the pre-selected partners. This mostly includes a visit to these pre-selected partners.

Once the partners have been identified, Horsten can assist the customer in the negotiations of the terms and conditions of the cooperation, provide general strategic and legal assistance, regulatory services and commercial assistance.

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