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  • HORSTEN (Xi’an) Innovation Co., Ltd.
    Room 5-505, Haigui Building
    Gaoxin Yi Road No. 18
    Gaoxin District, 710075 Xi’an
    Shaanxi Province, PR of China
    Tel: +86 29 8831 3779


Cheng Wenbing – QC & Project Manager

Cheng Wenbing has been working at Horsten (Xi’an) Innovation Co. Ltd. since August 2005. He has a major degree in chemicals at the Technical School of Shaanxi Hanjiang Pharma Group Co., Ltd. and has many years of experience in trading and project management.

A lot of his time is spent on the Spaas project, helping the famous candle company from Belgium with the sourcing of candles, glassware and many other products from China. He coordinates different other sourcing projects and is also responsible for the quality inspections.

He has built up a lot of experience in various fields and is very familiar with all kind of products. With his detailed and competent way of working, he has an important role in the growth and continuity of our company and he is a valuable person for our customers.

Cheng Wenbing is married, father of one daughter and has a warm and outgoing personality. In his spare time he likes sports, especially riding a bicycle, and craft work.

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