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  • HORSTEN (Xi’an) Innovation Co., Ltd.
    Room 5-505, Haigui Building
    Gaoxin Yi Road No. 18
    Gaoxin District, 710075 Xi’an
    Shaanxi Province, PR of China
    Tel: +86 29 8831 3779


Jeffrey Wouters – Business Development Manager
Jeffrey Wouters joined our experienced and talented team at the Horsten China office in 2015 and he took upon himself the position of Business Development Manager. He graduated at the University of Antwerp with a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics and has mastered Dutch, English, Chinese and French. Jeffrey also studied Chinese at Xi’an’s North West University and Xianyang’s Normal University.

As a passionate and professional staff member for years, he is responsible for several business development projects in different industries. He is advising Horsten’s customers for the selection of and negotiation with distribution partners in China, market research, communication and business development. Jeffrey is regularly helping European companies and brands during exhibitions in China and is also responsible for the follow up after the exhibitions. With his rich work experience in many fields, he has a clear insight in the cultural differences between China and Europe when doing business.

Jeffrey is married and proud father of one daughter. In his spare time he likes sports, especially football and running. He is also involved in promoting Xi’an’s rich culture and food to the world through social media and is actively helping with the set-up of the local start-up community.

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