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  • HORSTEN (Xi’an) Innovation Co., Ltd.
    Room 5-505, Haigui Building
    Gaoxin Yi Road No. 18
    Gaoxin District, 710075 Xi’an
    Shaanxi Province, PR of China
    Tel: +86 29 8831 3779


Timothy Driesen – Project Manager
Timothy Driesen has been working at Horsten Xi’an Innovation Co. Ltd. since 2015 as a Project Manager. First having experienced China during a six-month scholarship at Xi'an Northwest University, Timothy returned to China after graduating from the University of Antwerp with a Master's in Translation. During his second China stay, he strengthened his Chinese language skills at Xianyang Normal University's Chinese Language & Literature Program, while simultaneously teaching English language and culture classes.

As a professional and highly appreciated staff member, Timothy has built up a lot of experience in dealing with Chinese distributors and customers in different industries. He is responsible for managing several business development projects and is also regularly helping European companies and brands during exhibitions in China. With a strong background in language and copywriting, his contributions and expertise in communication, public relations and social media projects make him a valuable asset to the company and our customers. He has clear insight in the cultural differences between China and Europe when doing business.

In his free time, Timothy likes reading and travelling. Most of all, he is passionate about underground music and spends way too much money on vinyl and band merch.

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