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Biobest: another Horsten project has come to a successful closing

Another consulting project of Horsten International has come to a successful closing. After building a brand new production facility for bumblebees in Shouguang, Shandong, the first sales of Biobest’s products have started in China! 

Horsten’s involvement in this project comprised of the following services: strategic advise, including recommendations with regard to the legal set-up, process flows; assistance in the negotiations with the Chinese partners, regulatory affairs services, translation services, cultural matchmaking and communication, assistance with the incorporation of the Joint Venture, advise in management and HR issues and troubleshooting.

The wholly foreign owned company was set up in February 2014 in Weifang, Shandong province, as a 100% affiliate of Biobest China Limited, a Hong Kong joint venture between Biobest NV of Belgium and Hongmei Horticulture.

Biobest is a leading expert in biological pollination and pest control from Belgium. Being a pioneer in its sector, Biobest has more than 25 years of experience and delivers its products to more than 55 countries and employs more than 350 people.

Biobest is especially known for its core business: the production of bumblebees that are used worldwide for biological pollination of crops, such as vegetables and fruits. In China there are huge opportunities for the company’s products and technologies, but to really be able to develop its business on the Chinese market, Biobest needs to set up local manufacturing in China. The Chinese affiliate received its business license in February 2014 and has started sales and distribution since October 2014.

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