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PRESS RELEASE - Horsten International Announces Strategic Partnership with Fusion Partners

Herentals - 13 June 2019.

Paul Van Eynde - previously CEO of ING Investment Management in Belgium - launches Fusion Partners. Fusion Partners is a Sino-European private equity management company dedicated to creating value for shareholders by investing in outstanding businesses looking for transcontinental growth. Apart from Paul Van Eynde also Wim Heylen and Didier Clerx – respectively Chairman and CEO of the Heylen Group – will be investors.

The owners of Fusion Partners have strong networks in the Sino-European business community and plan to invest in transcontinental scale-up projects. Fusion Partners aims to invest 2 to 5 million EUR at short notice and attract another 50 to 75 million EUR in the next two years from European and Chinese investors.

Fusion Partners will acquire a 25% share in Horsten International. Horsten International has more than 20 years of experience in advising European companies doing business in China. Thanks to the intense cooperation with Horsten International, Fusion Partners will be able to rely on Horsten’s long-year experience. The network, the expertise and financial capacity of Fusion Partners offers Horsten International lots of opportunities to grow.

Wim Heylen, founder Heylen Group and investor in Fusion Partners, explains: “Together with my team we are passionate about local entrepreneurship, but we should also broaden our visions. That’s why I have decided to take this initiative by linking with Horsten International and seizing opportunities from the massive economic growth of the Chinese market.”

Paul Van Eynde, Managing Director of Fusion Partners adds: “After 23 years of experience in investments in different continents, I am looking forward to use my expertise to connect European and Chinese entrepreneurs. The cooperation between Fusion Partners and Horsten International is part of this ambition. Horsten International has already helped numerous Belgian and European companies with their first steps in China and a participation seemed the best solution for both parties.

Likewise, Bart Horsten, Managing Director of Horsten International, only sees advantages: “Fusion Partners has the network, expertise and financial power to boost opportunities for our company and our customers. The Chinese market is changing at rocket speed and is taking a bigger share of the global economy every year. Our experience and know-how of the Chinese market, in combination with our local presence, offer lots of chances to make this unique cooperation a success.” 

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