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Visit of Belgian delegation to Xi'an - April 2021

During a visit to Xi'an in April, the Belgian Ambassador Jan Hoogmartens was welcomed by the Governor of Shaanxi province Mr. Zhao Yide. The two discussed the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between China and Belgium and the rich history of cooperation between the province and Belgium, including the 35-year long partnership between the Provinces of Antwerp and of Shaanxi, and explored areas of further cooperation such as logistics, life sciences and cleantech. 

Shaanxi is of particular significance for bilateral relationship. In the 1980s, Janssen Pharmaceutica was amongst the first Belgian companies to set foot in ChinaNowadays, other companies like Xi'an-Thiebaut and Horsten Xi’an Innovation further contribute to the close relationship with Shaanxi. Since 2001 Horsten Xi’an Innovation Co. Ltd, the China office of Horsten International, is located in Xi’an.

Brussels Capital Region and the city of Xi’an also celebrate in 2021 the 10th anniversary of their partnership. The Ambassador’s visit was the opportunity to underline the importance of logistics ties between Belgium and Shaanxi.

As Shaanxi province is joining the national effort of China to reach carbon neutrality by 2060, it is interesting to know which measures the province will put in place to reduce its emissions. Belgium and Shaanxi can be partners in this field. Several decades ago, Belgium transited from coal. Today, Belgian companies have renowned expertise in innovative solutions for clean and environment-friendly technology. 

The Belgian Ambassador Jan Hoogmartens also met Belgians and friends of Belgium like he did before in Tianjin and Jinan. This third Meet & Greet, organised in the Belgian Bar in Xi'an, was a great success which attracted more than 60 attendees. It was a great opportunity to meet the Ambassador and diplomats in a more informal and relaxed atmosphere. Among these attendees were also Horsten's Belgian Project Managers Timothy Driesen and Jeffrey Wouters of Horsten International's Chinese affiliate.

The Ambassador also launched the 2021 Xi'an Beer Festival, a delicious and refreshing way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between China and Belgium. Four bars in the city opened their doors for several days for customers thirsty for Belgian beer. 

Source: WeChat Account Belgian Embassy

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