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Belgium and Xi'an: New Cooperation in Logistics

Shaanxi Province in China and Belgium have a lot in common, including their favorable geographical position.

Belgium is located at the heart of Europe. Within 300 km and under 3 hours, you can reach major European cities. Widen this radius to 500km, and you can reach millions of customers representing over 60% of the European purchasing power. There is a reason why so many Chinese economic actors choose Belgium as their gateway to Europe: sea ports, inland ports, inland waterways, airports, rail, road and motorway networks create all together a high-quality ecosystem of logistical infrastructures. 

Similar to the relationship between Belgium and Europe, Shaanxi Province is also a logistics hub for the whole of China and an important transit point to surrounding areas. There are many logistics exchanges between Belgium and Shaanxi Province and there is a special train from Xi'an to Flanders: goods go back and forth between Ghent and Xi'an twice a week! There are also many similar logistics routes between Xi'an and Belgium.

And more is coming: two weeks ago, North Sea Port and the Ostend-Bruges International Airport both signed agreements with Xi’an Inland Port, managed by Xi’an International Trade & Logistics Park (ITL). The Ambassador Jan Hoogmartens was invited to witness the signature and hopes that these agreements will create the framework for further cooperation between the parties and further balanced trade exchanges between Belgium and China.

Source: WeChat Account Belgian Embassy

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