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Corsendonk acquires Brewery du Bocq

Brewery Corsendonk from Turnhout, Belgium, has taken over full control of the Brewery du Bocq in Purnode in the South of Belgium. Corsendonk, owned by the family Keersmaekers, was already a shareholder of the Wallonia brewery since 2010, now they have acquired full ownership of the brewery. The news was officially announced at the occasion of the visit of Federal Minister of Economy Kris Peeters to Corsendonk.

Brewery du Bocq was already brewing the famous Pater and Agnus beers of Corsendonk, together with some other Corsendonk brands and popular beers such as Deugniet, Gauloise and Blance de Namur. In the past 15 years production of the Corsendonk beers has increased from 50.000 to 110.000 hectoliters, and after the take-over more investments are planned at the brewery, together with the launch of a new beer.

This week also another container with Corsendonk beers was shipped to China. Horsten International has assisted Corsendonk with its business development in China since 2008. Horsten International introduced the project and the Chinese distributor to Corsendonk in 2007, and after the decision was made to go ahead, Horsten assisted both partners in the negotiation of the contract terms, implementation of the project, advise on the launching of the products in China, logistics, general communication and project management. Today Horsten is still involved in this project as a liaison and consultant.

This article was inspired by the article published on Made-in-Kempen on 1st Oct.2015; see here for the article in Dutch.

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