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30th anniversary of Xi'an-Janssen Pharmaceutical

On 7 November 2015 the 30th anniversary of Xian-Janssen was celebrated in Xi'an in the presence of hundreds of former employees and the management of Xi'an Janssen. Xi'an-Janssen Pharmaceutical is considered to be one of the most successful Sino-Belgian Joint Ventures, set up in 1985.

Bart, son of Joos Horsten, the founding father of Xi’an Janssen Pharmaceutical, was present at the celebration and met with many old friends of his father, such as Mad.Gu Lihong, former No.2 of Xi'an Janssen, Mr.Zhang Bin, former Vice-Governor, Mr.Luo Shijie, the project manager of the China team during the negotiations, Mr.Lawrence Deng, the current general manager of Xi'an-Janssen, and many others.

In 2007 a book was published which tells the intriguing story of the Chinese joint venture of Janssen Pharma. This book, inspired by Joos Horsten and written by Geerdt Magiels, recounts the fascinating experiences of Belgian and Chinese people working together for years during the establishment of Xi'an-Janssen – and the eternal friendship that thus flourished among them. In 2007 Bart personally handed over a copy of this book to King Albert of Belgium, at the occasion of his visit to Xi'an-Janssen. Please contact us in case you want a copy of the book (available in Dutch and in English).

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