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Dilito signs partnership with Chinese fixtures manufacturer

DILITO, a specialist in LED relighting projects from Belgium, has concluded a deal with the Chinese fixtures manufacturer PC Cooler, one of the biggest producers of fixtures for LED-lighting. The first result of this partnership is the relighting of a company in the building industry in Belgium. After installing illuminated publicity a few years ago, now the production facility is relighted by Dilito. After installation the energy consumption decreased with 65%. This project is made possible thanks to the support of the engineers of Dilito’s Chinese supplier.

Dilito was set-up in 2011 and has gained extensive experience in successfully managing challenging industrial and residential re-lighting projects, both in terms of luminosity, but also generating huge savings to the customer's electricity costs. Horsten International is a shareholder in Dilito since 2012. 

Please click here to read a recent article published on Made-in-Kempen (only in Dutch). More information about Dilito can be found here or on Dilito's website.


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