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VIGC Event - E-commerce in China on 14 September 2016

On 14 September 2016 Bart Horsten gave a lecture about the recent trends in E-commerce in China at the VIGC conference in Antwerp. China is a dreamplace for E-commerce, not only thanks to its big population and more than 700 million netizens, but also the eagerness of Chinese consumers to buy foreign products and the overlap between the population on social media and brand consumers.

In 2016 China's Cross-border E-commerce is expected to exceed $1 trillion, of which the key drivers are e-commerce platforms, social media platforms, digital payments platforms and mobile devices. These recent developments offer a lot of opportunities for Western brands and products, also for SME's, but at the same time a lot of challenges and hurdles need to be taken into account.

The event was a big succes, with 89 participants.

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