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Erie Water Treatment reaches another milestone in China

Erie Water Treatment confirms its China ambitions with a new milestone in the history of its popular IQsoft line. At the Aquatech Shanghai exhibition in the beginning of June 2017 Erie signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Stoner for the national distribution of the IQsoft product line in China. As a consequence now 4 product lines of Erie are sold on the Chinese market!

The cooperation between Erie and Horsten started in the beginning of 2014. Horsten assisted the customer during the negotiation of the contracts with its first Chinese distributors. Horsten also helped with the rebranding and registration of its trade mark in China, registration of the products at the Ministry of Health (MOH), preparation of the marketing materials, including a Chinese brochure and website, logistics support, etc. In 2015 Erie already extended its activities in China through the establishment of a legal entity. And finally, in the beginning of 2017 Horsten helped the customer with the recruitment of a sales and marketing manager.

Today, with the help of the Horsten team, Erie's products have already become well known in the Chinese market. It is expected that its China business will grow significantly in the following years.

Erie Water Treatment is a branch of Aquion Inc, a US manufacturer of premium water treatment equipment and water quality solutions for various applications. Erie was founded in 1943 and has manufacturing and sales operations in the United States, Europe and Asia. Recently Erie opened its brand new facilities in Grobbendonk, Belgium, substantially increasing its production and office space, making the company ready for expansion.

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