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Belgian Market Welcomes Chinese Guests with WeRetail and MyChinaWeb


Belgian Market Welcomes Chinese Guests with WeRetail and MyChinaWeb

A new revolutionary way to connect with Chinese tourits

MyChinaWeb, the online marketing agency of Horsten International, has signed an agreement with WeRetail, the first solution for the seamless integration of Chinese tourism and cross-border e-commerce with China. Both partners will work together to offer a revolutionary and integrated package to Belgian companies who want to sell their products and services to Chinese tourists and consumers. 

Together, MyChinaWeb and WeRetail aid Belgian companies and dealers in overcoming national borders and gaining new customer groups in China. To do so, Chinese consumers are systematically introduced to the Belgian market. The concept focuses not only on one-time purchases during holiday travels, but on turning visitors from China into loyal long-term customers. The service is available for shop owners, hotels, restaurants, attraction parks, museums, tourism agencies, companies and other organizations with focus on Chinese tourists. WeRetail has great experience with the Chinese market, digital marketing typical of that country, import and export regulations, payment preferences of Chinese customers as well as logistics, and handles the entire process chain for Belgian dealers, who thus gain easy and uncomplicated access to the Chinese market from WeRetail. What’s more, WeRetail customers also profit from the provider’s innovative cooperative efforts with Alipay, WeChat and other important partners in China.

Opening up the Chinese market to Belgian dealers

Visitors from China spend EUR 2,209 per trip to Europe on average, or EUR 410 per night. As of 2018, there are 533.32 million online shoppers in China (source: Statista) – if taken advantage of efficiently, this means enormous growth potential for the European market. The number of Chinese tourists to Belgium is increasing year by year. In previous years, it was mainly tourist groups that paid a visit to Belgium, usually on their way from Amsterdam to Paris. Recently, more and more individual travelers or smaller groups from China are visiting Belgium and Brussels looking for authentic experiences or shopping opportunities. This offers unique opportunities for Belgian companies to offer their products or services to these big-spending customers. With these new services, MyChinaWeb and WeRetail are now bringing cost-efficient solutions to make a more interesting shopping experience for the fast-growing numbers of Chinese tourists. Bart Horsten, Managing Director of Horsten International and MyChinaWeb is enthusiastic about the cooperation: "In international comparison, e-commerce in Belgium is still underdeveloped and many Belgian companies are not prepared to welcome Chinese tourists and consumers. Thanks to the cooperation with WeRetail we can now continue to build on our long-standing experience in doing business with China and make Belgian products more accessible to Chinese consumers.”

From impulsive to loyal consumers

Consumers from China who have already gotten to know Europe turn out to be attractive customers for European business on the long term. They take their purchasing experiences back with them when they go home and share them via social networks. With WeRetail, one-time buyers turn into loyal customers and simultaneously become multipliers for Belgian products, goods and services. “When Chinese customers pay in stores with WeChat Pay products, they automatically follow the WeChat account of the dealer,” explains WeRetail CEO Marco van Eersel. A cross-border e-commerce shop is embedded in the official account. This way, Chinese customers can keep buying products from the same dealer after returning to China. “Together with our logistics partners, we pick up the goods at the branch offices, take care of customs processing and handle the last ‘mile’ to customers in China,” is how van Eersel describes the concept. 

Increase in sales with WeRetail

WeRetail’s success depends on knowledge of Chinese consumer behavior. For instance, prestige will remain a major factor in Chinese culture and an important motivator for Chinese travel patterns. Moreover, the high taxes on luxury items in China make it particularly attractive to shop for desirable brand-name items in Europe. For these reasons, shopping options will be in great demand in the future and be part of every trip. “The conversion rates with Chinese customers at locations equipped with WeChat Pay and Alipay such as stores at the airport in Munich have shot up by more than one hundred percent,” attests WeRetail CEO Marco van Eersel to the trend.

Background information about MyChinaWeb and Horsten International

MyChinaWeb offers cost-effective solutions to develop its clients’ online business with China. By increasing the online visibility of Belgian companies’ brands or products, MyChinaWeb helps its customers to build their online strategy for China, connect directly with Chinese customers through social media, sell their products online to the world’s largest market and keep its followers engaged with localized content. For more information, please visit

MyChinaWeb is the brainchild of Horsten International – a Belgium-based China consultancy firm. 

Horsten International was founded in 1996 and has had its China office since 2001. With its rich experience in the China market, Horsten has become a force to be reckoned with in the China consultancy industry. Since its inception, Horsten has successfully completed a vast amount of projects in a range of industries. Supported by a talented group of professionals, Horsten International has the means to offer clients a wide array of services, from strategic advice and market research to business development, and much more. For more information, please visit

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