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17/03/2017  l  Bart Horsten gave a lecture at Hutong School Shanghai

On March 16th the Hutong school in Shanghai hosted a business lecture in collaboration with Horsten International.

China is entering a new age: from an export oriented market the country is transforming itself to one of the biggest consumer markets in the world. Western companies are eager to sell their products in China, but many companies face various challenges when doing business in China. Furthermore, in the past years e-commerce and social media have exploded in China. Many West...

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06/03/2017  l  Horsten participating in the E-commerce mission to China from 13 to 18 March 2017

From 13 to 18 March 2017 a business delegation from Belgium and The Netherlands visited Shanghai and Hangzhou, focusing on e-commerce in China.

In the past years e-commerce has exploded in China. The Chinese consumer wants western products, especially in certain product categories and prefers to buy them from abroad. China’s leading internet companies like and Alibaba have set up special channels to facilitate this consumer need. Recently Alib...

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04/03/2017  l  Column Bart Horsten in DE TIJD - only in Dutch

Is de Chinese supermacht een bedreiging of een kans?

Europeanen denken nog te vaak dat ze een technologische voorsprong hebben en dat de Chinezen op hen zitten te wachten. Niet dus. China loopt in heel wat sectoren een eind voorop. In de cleantech, bijvoorbeeld.

An English translation of this article can be found on the following ...

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22/02/2017  l  China Basics Seminar 21 February 2017

On the 21st of February 2017 Horsten International organized its third China Basics seminar about cultural differences between Western and Chinese business practices and the typical pitfalls in doing business in China. 

After a short introduction about Horsten International, Bart Horsten talked about the concepts of face and guanxi, two of the most important values in Chinese culture. It is important to be prepared to face any cultural...

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21/12/2016  l  Horsten participating in the Antwerp Mission in December 2016

From 10 to 17 December 2016 a delegation from Antwerp visited South-Korea and China, headed by Bart De Wever, mayor of Antwerp. The delegation visited Seoul and Shanghai and consisted of members of the city council, Port of Antwerp, Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) and a broad group of corporate leaders. The mission was actively supported by the local Belgian embassies and consulates, and enjoyed the cooperation of Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT). Also Bart Horsten, ma...

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30/10/2016  l  Bart Horsten meets Prime Minister Charles Michel

On the 30th of October Bart Horsten, Managing Director of Horsten International, was invited at the Belgian Embassy in Beijing to attend a meeting with the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel. Together with 15 other Belgian experts and business people Bart shared his views on the activities and challenges of Belgian companies in China.

Bart explained that there is a big lack of knowledge and understanding of many Belgian businesses about the Chinese market and Chinese business pract...

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01/10/2016  l  Tom Horsten joins the Horsten International team

As of October 1st 2016, Tom Horsten, the third son of the late Joos Horsten, joins the Horsten International team in the office in Belgium. Tom Horsten: “It is a great challenge and honor to be in the footsteps of my father. I am convinced that this is another important step in the further development of our company. The mix of experience and the different personalities of the three Horsten brothers will be an added value for the future. Our father would have bee...

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29/09/2016  l  20 year anniversary Horsten International

On the 28th of September a celebration took place at the occasion of 20 years Horsten International, attended by more than 90 of Horsten’s clients and partners. For their years of dedication and loyal service all Chinese employees were also invited from Xi’an, the city where the Chinese office of the company is located. After a warm welcome by Bart Horsten, Koen De Leus, Chief Economist BNP Paribas Fortis, gave a presentation about...

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28/09/2016  l  Glacio-IJsboerke and Horsten International join hands to sell ice cream in China

After exporting its ice cream specialities to China since 2010, Glacio has now decided to set up a joint venture with Horsten International, a consulting company specialized in doing business in China.

In Belgium the Glacio Group is mainly known as the owner of IJsboerke, the most famous ice cream brand in the Benelux. The Glacio ice cream specialities are manufactured in the Beerse factory in Belgium, and are successfully exported to vario...

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