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09/06/2020  l  Webinar 'E-COMMERCE, SOCIAL MEDIA AND NEW RETAIL IN CHINA' - 26 May 2020
On Tuesday 26 May 2020 Bart Horsten was a lecturer at a webinar organised by VOKA West-Vlaanderen talking about E-commerce, social media and new retail in China. During this webinar Bart focused on the following topics: The Chinese market today, the Chinese consumer and market entry methods. A view on E-commerce market statistics. Trends and opportunities in social media, E-commerce and Cross-Border E-commerce with China. How can Western companies use the above channels in their China...

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16/04/2020  l  Webinar 'Trade Fairs in China' - 16 April 2020
On Thursday 16 April Bart Horsten was a keynote speaker at a webinar, organized by the EU SME Centre and the LEF-Network to China, focusing on e-commerce, social media and the preparation for trade fairs in the wood sector in China. The LEF-Network aims to create an export support network to China and its target industry is wood products with added value, such as building materials, furniture, wooden doors and windows. Their goal is to develop long term connections between Central Baltic region ...

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12/03/2020  l  Workshop 'Trade Fairs in China and how Belgian SMEs can be fully prepared' - 12 March 2020
On Thursday 12 March Bart Horsten was a keynote speaker at a workshop about Trade Fairs in China and how Belgian SMEs can be fully prepared, organized by the Belgian-Chinese Chamber (BCECC) and the EU SME Centre. The two other speakers were Michael Pronk, CEO at 1421 Consulting Group and Valentin de le Court, Lawyer and Partner at DALDEWOLF. Trade fairs in China are abundant when doing business with China and going to trade fairs is inevitable. They cover different fields and also offer differe...

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19/02/2020  l  Workshop in Berlin: 'Boosting your Business & Innovation Opportunities in China' - 18 February 2020
On 18 February 2020 ENRICH in China organized a workshop about boosting your business & innovation opportunities in China. It was specifically organized to increase the practical know-how about doing business with China and enhance your business innovation skills. During this one-day workshop Bart Horsten got the opportunity to present the Enrich Soft Landing Zone in Xi’an (Shaanxi Province), operated by Horsten Xi’an Innovation Services Co. Ltd, a 100% affiliate of Horsten Inte...

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17/02/2020  l  Workshops in Estonia: 'Developing a Strategy & Creating a Suitable Business Model in China' and 'Why Do Companies Fail in China?' - 12 and 13 February 2020
On 12 and 13 February 2020 Bart Horsten was a keynote speaker at two different trainings in Estonia (one in Tallinn, one in Tartu) of a China Growth program under the Systematic Export to China course, organized by the Estonia-Asia Trade Agency.  This Systematic Export to China training program was targeted primarily to companies which are new in doing business with China or have recently started their business in the Chinese market. Through this program, companies will benefit from the he...

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