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17/06/2015  l  China welcomes King Philippe and Queen Mathilde from 20 to 28 June
At the invitation of China’s President Xi Jinping. Their Royal Majesties King Philippe and Queen Mathilde will visit the People’s Republic of China from June 20th till June 28th. The Royal Couple will be accompanied by the Belgian Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister-Presidents of the three Belgian Regions (Brussels, Flanders & Wallonia). In addition, the delegation will include around 100 CEOs of the country’s most important business leaders and the Presidents of ...

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01/06/2015  l  FREE China Seminar in Antwerp on 24 June 2015 - Bart Horsten
Planning to do business in China and interested to learn more about the cultural differences between Western and Chinese business practices? Or already active in China and feeling the need to get a better understanding of the Chinese way of doing business? Take the chance to participate in a free session on 24 June 2015 in which Bart Horsten will share some of his personal experiences and give detailed insights in cultural aspects of doing business in China, illustrated ...

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25/05/2015  l  Foreign Tech Firms launch R&D centers in wider range of cities - Jeffrey Wouters
Foreign technology companies are moving into second-tier cities and developing research centers after taking advantage of preferential policies. Xi'an in Northwest China is among the hottest locations for research and development centers owned by overseas tech firms. Samsung Electronics Co is one of these tech firms. They have opened two research centers in Xi'an less than two years ago. The South Korean giant's data research facilities came with a $7 billion flash memory chip plant, which is a...

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22/05/2015  l  Horsten welcomed Mr. Peter Christiaen - Jeffrey Wouters
On 21 May Horsten International was honored to welcome Mr. Peter Christiaen, Flemish economic representative of Flanders Investment and Trade, at our office and at Xi'an Thiebaut, one of our most successful partners. Thiebaut is a large Sino-Belgium joint venture and specializes in the production of high quality collapsible aluminum tubes. For more details you can check our services and cases section:    

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14/05/2015  l  Sino-Belgian relations have never been better - Jeffrey Wouters
Relations between China and Belgium have never been better. To further enhance these ties their Royal Majesties King Philippe and Queen Mathilde will, at the invitation of China’s president Xi Jinping, visit the People’s Republic of China from June 20th till June 28th. The Royal Couple will be accompanied by the Belgian Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Minister-Presidents of the three Belgian Regions (Brussels, Flanders & Wallonia), around 100 CEOs of the country’s mo...

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14/05/2015  l  Chinese tourism to Belgium is soaring with additional flights to Liege - Jeffrey Wouters
Thanks to a deal between I-Fly and the Chinese Tour operator U-Tour, over a thousand Chinese tourists are to fly to Liège on a weekly basis coming from Shenyang, Xi’an and Tianjin. On April 20th the first airplane carrying Chinese tourists arrived at Liège airport.  These companies were attracted by Belgium’s central location in Europe and driven by the ever expanding Chinese tourism market. Tourists will not only be able to discover European hotspots departing fro...

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14/04/2015  l  Workshop Advisory Boards in Groeibedrijven - Bart Horsten
Op vrijdag 24 april 2015 organiseert SIM Belgium een workshop rond Dedicated Advisory Boards in groeibedrijven. Dit in samenwerking met ING, PMV en Deloitte. Bart Horsten is ook actief als advisory board member van één van deze groeibedrijven in het kader van haar expansieplannen in China. SIM Belgium heeft een expertise opgebouwd in het organiseren van professionele adviesraden op maat van de onderneming om bedrijfsleiders uit te rusten met de beste strat...

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14/04/2015  l  China's new Foreign Investment Guidance Catalogue enters into force today - Jeffrey Wouters
On 10 March 2015, the Ministry of Commerce ("MOFCOM”) and National Development and Reform Committee ("NDRC”) of China signed order No.22 publishing the Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment (hereinafter, the "2015 Catalogue”) which will become effective as from 10 April 2015. This 2015 Catalogue lifts many restrictions on foreign investment as compared to the prior version of the catalogue which was released in December 2011 (and which became effective as of 30 Janua...

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28/03/2015  l  Unique casks of Single Malt Scotch Whisky now also available to Chinese investors - Bart Horsten
In parts of Asia, especially in China, the number of high net worth individuals is rising gigantically. Many of these new rich are attracted by the history and quality of great old European products. Scotch Whisky International, a Dutch company, focuses entirely on the increasing scarcity of exclusive Single Malt Whiskies. Demand for high quality single malt is increasing whilst the supply is decreasing. Apart from the interesting opportunity of buying rare whisky bottles as an investment ...

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