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In collaboration with Horsten International and ChinaTalk, The Argonauts are organizing in October a special study trip to China. The Argonauts is a Belgian cross-industry community that brings together people from different companies, sectors and generations to work together to meet the challenges of tomorrow: technological developments, demographic and economic shifts, ageing, mobility and climate change,... In the last 10 years, China has made a staggering catch-up movement in terms o...

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01/04/2019  l  Exportboost Food China: Interactive workshop series and trade mission to China
In cooperation with the Belgian Food Federation FEVIA, Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT) and Green Seed, Horsten International organized 3 interactive China workshops and a trade mission to Shanghai and Hangzhou from 25 to 29 March 2019. China is an economic power with a growing middle class and a strong need for imported food products. China is one of the biggest food markets in the world and already the biggest imported food market globally....

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14/03/2019  l  5th Edition of the China Basics Seminar - 14 March 2019
On 14 March 2019 Horsten organized its 5th China Basics seminar at Business Center d'Offiz in Turnhout.  During this seminar Bart Horsten introduced China's cultural foundations and talked about cultural aspects of doing business in China. Although not always visible on the surface, concepts such as face, hierarchy and guanxi still play a dominant role in China's business environment. Western companies need to understand these concepts to better familiarize with the typical Chine...

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29/01/2019  l  Workshop 'E-commerce, Social Media and New Retail in China' - 15 February 2019
On Friday 15 February 2019 Bart Horsten was a lecturer at an afternoon workshop in Brussels at the Retail Academy, talking about E-commerce, social media and new retail in China. During this workshop Bart focused on the following topics: The Chinese market today, the Chinese consumer and market entry methods. A view on E-commerce market statistics. Trends and opportunities in social media, E-commerce and Cross-Border E-commerce with China. How can Western companies use the above chann...

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18/12/2018  l  New E-commerce Law in China to increase opportunities through Cross-Border E-commerce
In November 2018 the Chinese Ministry of Finance has announced a new E-commerce Law, which also includes a set of regulations affecting Cross-Border E-commerce. The new policy was introduced after Chinese president Xi Jingping pledged to boost China's imports at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, aiming to transform the country from an export-driven economy to an import-driven economy. The new E-commerce law is implemented starting from 1 January 2019 onwards. This new...

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06/12/2018  l  Workshop: Co-incubation Opportunities in Europe and China - 5 December 2018
On 5 December 2018 ENRICH, the European Network of Research and Innovation Centres and Hubs, organized a workshop about co-incubation opportunities in Europe and China. China offers a huge variety of business and research opportunities and is on its way to become the number one world economy. Scientists and entrepreneurs need to get familiar with the Chinese innovation landscape and develop their own strategy how to approach and deal with Chinese research or business partners and investors....

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22/11/2018  l  Closing Ceremony of the EU-China Tourism Year in Xi'an
On Saturday 17 November 2018 the closing ceremony of the EU-China Tourism Year was held in Xi'an, China. Both European and Chinese cultures were highlighted during this magical ceremony. Xi'an is a key city in China's history and also in China's future. The last few years the city of Xi'an has witnessed some major developments to attract foreign investments and is also host to various financial, consulting and computer services. It is the ancient capital of China and an important tourist de...

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12/11/2018  l  Belgische markt verwelkomt Chinese toeristen met WeRetail en MyChinaWeb
PERSBERICHT Belgische markt verwelkomt Chinese toeristen met WeRetail en MyChinaWeb Een nieuwe revolutionaire manier om Chinese toeristen aan zich te binden MyChinaWeb, het online marketingbureau van Horsten International, heeft een overeenkomst getekend met WeRetail, de eerste oplossing die zorgt voor een naadloze integratie van Chinees toerisme en cross-border e-commerce met China. WeRetail en MyChinaWeb werken intensief samen om een revolutionair en geïntegreerd pakket aan te bieden a...

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12/11/2018  l  Belgian Market Welcomes Chinese Guests with WeRetail and MyChinaWeb
PRESS RELEASE Belgian Market Welcomes Chinese Guests with WeRetail and MyChinaWeb A new revolutionary way to connect with Chinese tourits MyChinaWeb, the online marketing agency of Horsten International, has signed an agreement with WeRetail, the first solution for the seamless integration of Chinese tourism and cross-border e-commerce with China. Both partners will work together to offer a revolutionary and integrated package to Belgian companies who want to sell their products and serv...

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16/10/2018  l  Seminar on Sourcing from China & Payment to Chinese Suppliers in RMB
On 16th October 2018 Horsten International organized a seminar about Sourcing from China & Payment to Chinese Suppliers in RMB, together with Ebury and the Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC). After an introduction by Mr.Bernard Dewit, Chairman BCECC, Bart Horsten talked about the new trends and challenges of sourcing from China. Despite rising salaries and costs, China is still a very important supplier of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products for many European buyers...

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