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Project Introduction

Many Belgian and European companies want to set up Hong Kong Limited companies. The main purpose of such HK companies is (1) to streamline its trading activities in China and the entire Asia-Pacific region and (2) to use the HK company as a holding company in view of its investment in mainland China.    

Involvement of Horsten International

Horsten has a lot of experience in setting up Hong Kong companies, both as a consultant as well as a (co-)shareholder in some existing Hong Kong companies. The advantages of using a Hong Kong holding structure for the China operations are numerous: legal advantages, additional trading opportunities, tax advantages, financing possibilities, etc.

Horsten usually assist its customers to define the optimal entry method for China, and sometimes this requires a Hong Kong limited company. Horsten also advises its customers about the management and operation of the Hong Kong company, a factor which is often underestimated.