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Project Introduction

Scotch Whisky International (SWI) is a Dutch company, set up by Michel Kappen, specialized in Scotch single malt whisky collection, investment and sales. SWI is trading thousands of rare whisky bottles and casks on its world whisky index (see and has storage facilities for over 50.000 exclusive bottles in its guarded warehouse in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and for unique casks in a bonded warehouse in Scotland. Here, whiskies mature in their casks until the Optimal Anticipated Maturation time (OAM) has been reached and bottling is due. 

Scotch Whisky International focuses entirely on the increasing scarcity of exclusive Single Malt Whiskies. The historical price evolution of single malt whisky gives every reason to view this authentic product as a very interesting potential investment. The growing demand for single malt whisky has created an ongoing price appreciation. Demand for high quality single malt is increasing whilst the supply is decreasing.

In parts of Asia, especially in China, the number of high net worth individuals is rising gigantically. Many of these new rich are attracted by the history and quality of great old European products. Apart from the interesting opportunity of buying rare whisky bottles as an investment on the world whisky index, SWI has now developed a unique investment opportunity, called CASK MANAGEMENT.

Investors in the West and in China can now purchase unique casks of whisky as an investment, exclusively through SWI, allowing to achieve higher than average yields. For more information, please check the website of Scotch Whisky International.



Involvement of Horsten International

Scotch Whisky International asked Horsten International's help to develop its marketing strategy for China. The specific nature of the Chinese market and the restrictions in the Chinese banking and financial markets demanded a special approach. Horsten helped SWI to develop its China strategy, the translation of its website and corporate documentation, and thanks to Horsten's network in China, a Chinese partner was identified which can help SWI to attract investors from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Horsten has signed an exclusive agreement with SWI to become its agent or 'ambassador' for the greater China area, thus being a liaison between SWI in the Netherlands and its Chinese partner in Beijing. In the meantime Horsten has also invested in two exclusive casks (a Clynelish cask distilled in 1997 and a Glenallachie cask distilled in 2009) and several rare single malt whisky bottles.