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Horsten International is committed to assist international companies in doing business in China. Apart from being a specialized consulting company, Horsten is also involved in trading and investments. Horsten International employs skilled consultants in its offices in Belgium, Hong Kong and China.

Horsten International bridges the gap between a company's ambition to do business in and with China on one side, and its lack of resources on the other side. Tailor-made solutions are designed to overcome any difficulties that a company can face when initiating or improving its activities directed towards or located in the Chinese market.

Horsten often enters into a partnership with its customers, focusing on value creation. This objective is achieved through Horsten’s unique business concept integrating consulting, incubating, and investment activities. Rather than merely assuming an advisory role, Horsten pro-actively assists its clients in achieving their objectives for the Chinese market, and often co-invests in promising businesses. This process is captured in the company’s methodology, whereby success of a project is built up step-by-step, from inception of a first idea throughout the implementation and follow-up of the customer’s China venture.


  • Tailor made services to our partners/clients
  • A cooperation in ‘long term partnerships’
  • A hands-on pragmatic approach
  • Local presence of a professional team in China
  • Track record of a diverse range of successful projects realized in diverse industries in different areas in China